Windows Problems… (after Windows Vista installation)

I booted with my Windows installation disc and selected recovery console option, used fixmbr and fixboot tools, restarted my computer… windows now boots up just fine, everything looks great… login screen is up, I’m all happy.

But when I tried to login, it just logs me off. I tried safe mode, same thing happens. Went to recovery console once more and now I see something strange, recovery console now reports operating system at F:\WINDOWS and it should be at G:\WINDOWS. So i figure, when windows boots up it is still using path like this multi(0)\disk(0)\rdisk(0)\partition(2)\WINDOWS and when I try to logon it uses F:\Documents and Settings\Igor instead of G:\Documents and Settings\Igor and that is the problem, but what is the solution??

I found this on ms website…
Unable to log on if the boot partition drive letter has changed
How to restore the system/boot drive letter in Windows