Bad Sectors on My HDD

As I wrote before in “Windows Vista troubles” my old 60GB Maxtor now has bad sectors on first partition (20GB), that partition was empty so i have taken it quite good actually. This morning when i wanted to check my second partition to see how my files are doing, i pluged in my hard drive and turned on computer, booted up with Bart’s PE only to see that my second partition now has RAW file system on it and can’t be accessed :(. I guess i just need to use some software that can change file system type back to NTFS, because as far as i know this partition wasn’t deleted or formated. I sow on net that someone had similar problem and solved it with “chkdsk X: /f”, I’ll give that a try.

UPDATE 29/06/2006:
I contacted Maxtor support today

Contact Support

Your support request has been sent to Maxtor Technical Support. It will take approximately one to two business days to reply to your request for assistance. We will answer all inquires as quickly as possible in the order in which we receive them.

OK, two days it is then…

UPDATE 29/06/2006:
Maxtor support was very quick, i think it took them about an hour to respond

Dear Sir or Madam,
the 8 digit diagnostic code displayed by PowerMax or the OneTouch diagnostic is created for RMA purposes only, it is an encrypted code and does not give any indications towards the nature of the problem the drive is experiencing.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. In order to allow us to deal with all enquiries as efficiently and accurately as possible we would ask that you include any previous emails when replying to us.

Kind Regards,

Technical Support Team, Maxtor Ireland Ltd.

Ah, nothing important then… I just need to free some space on my 200GB HDD so i can move my files from Maxtor.