W3Conf – HTML5 and the Open Web

Just a week after Microsoft’s HTML5 conference we get a new one, this time from W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). W3C is holding its first ever conference this week, November 15th & 16th. It’s being held in Redmond, USA but the good news is they will stream live for free just like Microsoft did, which is not big surprise because Microsoft is sponsoring this event.
In case you miss something video archives will be available after the conference.

W3Conf has industry leaders speaking on a wide variety of topics that every developer needs to know: HTML5, APIs and Javascript, graphics, accessibility, CSS, and more. They announced key note speakers from Microsoft, Google, W3C, Adobe, Mozilla, Opera and lot more. The total length of this conference is two days, each session about 45min long.


W3Conf live stream


Interestingly enough the Adobe company is one of the sponsors of this event. Adobe is really pushing HTML5 and slowly discarding Flash. Let me remind you that they are now building HTML5 development tools, and just last week they announced no more support for Flash on mobile devices.

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