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One More 64bit Browser on the Market

64bit Opera 12

Opera has released Opera12 beta browser in 64bit version for Windows and MacOS.
First browser after Internet Explorer to offer official 64bit version. Opera says they’ve been waiting for ability to run all plugins under 64bit environment, while I personally don’t care a lot about Flash plugin I do applaud their effort to enable 32bit plugins to run under 64bit browser.

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YaCy – New Search Engine


Few days ago a German company introduced YaCy v1.0, a new search engine, to the public. Well not exactly new, development started five years ago, but it has just been released under version 1.0 and introduced to broader public.

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W3Conf – HTML5 and the Open Web


Just a week after Microsoft’s HTML5 conference we get a new one, this time from W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). W3C is holding its first ever conference next week, November 15th & 16th. It’s being held in Redmond, USA but the good news is they will stream live for free just like Microsoft did.

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