AWStats Missing “runtime.png” (.exe icon)

If you are using AWStats and your website has some executable files for download, you have probably noticed that AWStats doesn’t have runtime.png icon. I tried searching on Google and found out that this has been submitted as bug since year 2010 (ouch), such a small and easy fix hasn’t been implemented in such a long time.


This is how it looks like:

Awstats missing runtime.png icon
Awstats missing runtime.png icon


Fixing it

You can resolve this annoyance by uploading runtime.png icon ( size 16 x 16px ) to your AWStats directory:

Awstats fixed with runtime icon
Awstats fixed with runtime icon
  1. download this icon here: awstats runtime.png Download
  2. upload runtime.png icon to your webserver ( path /awstats/icon/mime/ )
  3. all done :)


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