Opera 11.60 Gone Final

For version 11.60 Opera adds support for ECMAScript 5.1, HTML5 Parser, updated version of the browser engine, redesigned mail client, XMLHttpRequest Level 2 and some more stuff.

HTML5 Parser

Most importantly in 11.60 they’ve included Opera’s new HTML5 parser, Ragnarök. This HTML5 parser was originally announced for v11 and then delayed for v12, at least that’s what I assumed because after they released v11 they included new HTML5 parser only in v12 snapshots.

Now even Opera shows inline SVG

I say most important because I’ve been waiting for SVG inline support for 8 months now, I’m using it in my Net Radio extension.

I recon this version is meant just to iron out bugs for next version, which will probably be released few days before new year 2012. So stay tuned for Opera 12!

Same ol’ Opera

It’s becoming a tradition that their final releases are left with known bugs. I myself am not using it as default browser so I didn’t spot any major bugs except missing scroll bar in full-screen mode, what I do know is that a lot of users are complaining about bugs in Opera news comments and forums.

I really hope that they start dedicating themselves to resolve more bugs before implementing new features.

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